What's a Build Kit?

Build kits are parts packages that include everything you need to assemble a complete bike. We pre-assemble most of the difficult parts, but a build kit will require some assembly by you.

The Frame comes with the chain, brakes, seat clamp, and bottom bracket installed. You will need to slide the cranks onto the frame, slide on the seatpost, and install the wheels, forks, and handlebars.

The handlebars come with the stem, grips, and brake lever installed.

The fork steer tube is already cut with the star-nut, headset, and two 5mm spacers installed.

The wheels come with the disc rotor, freewheel, and chain tensioner installed, but will require you to install the tube and tires.

The assembly will not require any special tools – a simple allen multi-tool will do the trick. You will need an M5 wrench to install the bars and forks, an M5 & M6 to install the cranks, and an M6 to install the front wheel, an M8 to install the rear whee and pedals, and an M4 to adjust the chain tensioner. And of course, you will need a pump for the tires. It’s always a good idea to have grease on hand as well.

We will be adding a how-to video and you can contact Arq if you run into any complications. Easy-peezy.

TOOLS REQUIRED (for assembly & adjustments): M4, M5, M6, and M8 Allen wrenches

Frame Assembly – Chain, brakes, seat clamp, and bottom bracket are pre-installed

Cranks Assembly – Sprocked is already pre-installed

Fork Assembly – Steer tube is cut and the star-nut, spacers, and headset are pre-installed

Handlebar Assembly – Stem, lever, and grips are pre-installed

Wheel Assembly – Disc rotor, freewheel, and chain tensioner are pre-installed

NOTE: Frames, forks, and wheels come with stock gray graphics. Custom Graphics come as sticker kits and must be installed by the customer